What is Black Friday?

Black Friday (also known as Black Friday) is not a discount event, it is THE EVENT of the discounts par excellence. This celebration has its origin in the United States and is always the day after Thanksgiving. With it starts the Christmas shopping season, since at no time of year is it possible to find as many offers as at this time of year and many users advance their Christmas shopping. During the event, stores, usually fashion, accessories, technology and computers, offer discounts and incredible offers for a limited time, especially the ecommerces, although this event has its origin in the most traditional trade.

When is Black Friday 2018?

Our Black Week will kick off on Sunday night November 18 at 00.01, the day on which a whole week will begin with more than 2,000 thematic offers that will change every day at the same time: 22.00 hours. With up to -50% discount!

The price of the offers will arrive on Friday, November 23, the official day of Black Friday 2018, with offers on all types of products and authentic surprises at VERY specific hours. Are you going to miss it?

Take a look at our Black Friday 2018 deals calendar to know what your day is, aim !:

Sunday, 11/18/2018:

Monday, 11/19/2018:

Tuesday, 11/20/2018:

Wednesday, 11/21/2018:

Thursday, 11/22/2018:

Friday, 11/23/2018:
Black Friday with all kinds of products!

However, this year the date of the event has created some confusion, since it will not be the last Friday of November, as we are used to.

It is possible to find information in which it is stated that Black Friday is always the last Friday of November, but this is not true. The date depends on when the Thanksgiving is celebrated, which is always the fourth Thursday in November. This implies that this year the black will not be celebrated on the last Friday as previous years, but the penultimate one, just the day after the fourth Thursday of November.

The best deals of Black Friday

This year we are working especially so that our product selection is as large and varied as possible. We have been negotiating for months the best prices and the most incredible surprises in a selection of the most special products. Because you deserve it!

One day only? Do not! A whole Black Week of offers

Our big Black Friday offers party will be on November 23, 2018 from 00.00 (Thursday night to Friday). However, as is tradition, in Jewelery Pato a single day of super deals knows little by little and, once again, we have decided that we will celebrate an authentic Black Week. We will start next Sunday, November 18 from 00:01 (that is, on the night of Saturday to Sunday) with more than 2,000 themed offers with up to 50% discount that you should not miss.

Black Friday online and in our physical stores

Forget about long queues, eternal rows of anxious buyers hunting for the best bargains that originate at the doors of the establishments to be the first and that no one can leave without the super discounted products they want so much to buy. On the contrary, Joyeria Pato, as a leading online store, will allow you to save yourself that bad drink and comfortably enjoy shopping online from the sofa in your home.

Stay tuned to this page where we will reveal all the information about the event in our physical stores. And of course, we will be delighted to have all those users who want to come in person to celebrate Black Friday with us to be the first to enjoy all our surprises and offers.

And to top it off ...

Cyber ​​Monday, the perfect antidote to the Black Friday hangover

Do not forget that our Cyber ​​Monday 2018 will be on November 26, just the Monday following Black Friday. We will start the week with incredible offers to finish this black November. Be the first to buy these super discounted products before they sell out!