We speak of a sports watch, designed for those who practice running, The weight of this Polar watch is only 51 grams, with high resolution screen, integrated Bluetooth GPS and heart rate monitor and also great water resistance.

With it you can keep track of our physical and sports activity every day, allowing us to know data such as calories burned, steps taken, race rhythms etc ..

It is also resistant to water and in the aspect of autonomy, according to the manufacturer, we will have up to 8 hours of use with GPS in operation.

Polar M430 is a running watch with wrist pulsation, advanced running functions and the Polar Running Program function. It is the high level device for runners who always want more.
Pulsations on the wrist

Without chest strap: Polar M430 records the pulsations on the wrist easily, accurately and reliably.
To run in and out

When you go running, the integrated GPS records the pace, distance and altitude. When you run on the tape, the movements of the wrist record the rhythm and distance traveled.
Polar Sleep Plus ™

Sleeping well is essential for your well-being and recovery, as well as for obtaining better results: who does not rest does not win. Polar Sleep Plus ™ gives you the tools you need to sleep better every night.

In addition with Polar Flow you can consult your training data, analyze your performance and track your progress. Get a quick analysis in the application and in depth in the web service. Plan your workouts, track your recovery or set up a training program for a career.

You can see here all the models available Polar M430.